Yes and No

Saturday, March 5, 2011
One word that Luke knows better than any other is "no". The default answer to just about any question is no. Luke do you want to go? "no". Luke are you tired? "no". Luke are you awake? "no". Luke uses the word but may not know what it really means. He probably uses it because Mom and I use it very often around him.

I read a chapter of a child development book some time ago that talked about kids saying no to everything. It said that kids want to have control of something in their life and saying no is their way of taking control. It continued to say that kids say no even if they wanted to say yes. This exact thing happened a few nights ago. At the dinner table Luke had finished all of his milk and food. I asked Luke if he would like more milk. He responded by saying "no" and nodding his head yes at the same time. Since then he has started nodding his head by itself when he agrees with us.