Birthday Party

Saturday, April 16, 2011
Last weekend we held a birthday for Luke.  It was the first party at our new house and because of that we wanted to put on a good showing.  During the week leading up to the party Mom used every free minute to get ready for the party.  By the time the guests were showing up our house was ready; the boxes had been emptied and their contents put away (shoved into the basement).

All of the guests showed up while Luke was asleep.  The people coming in probably woke him up, but when Mom brought him down he must have still been groggy because he gave everyone a curious look and clung to me for a while.  A few minutes later he had finally let go and started playing with the other kids.

I spent a good portion of the party cooking dinner and as far as my kids were concerned my effort was for naught.  Both Alyce and Luke couldn't be bothered to sit down and eat any food.  There was just too much going on.

One of the things going on was pin the tail on the donkey.  To keep the kids entertained during the party Mom picked up copy of pin the tail on the donkey.  What made this set neat was that each kid got to decorate their own tail.  Alyce and another older boy Jack were very much into it.  Gideon and Jack's brother Mason were not so much.  Luke even managed to play however, he didn't have a blindfold on so he was able to locate his tail well.

Following the meal we opened presents.  Luke was very much into opening the presents.  With each present opened Luke lost interest in all others.  One present being a set of books which upon opening he comes over, sits in my lap, and wants me to start reading them.  This was the only point in the party where Alyce wasn't happy.  She wanted to open up Luke's presents and when we told her no some unhappiness and tears were coming up.  We did let her help Luke on some packages and that was enough to keep her from a tantrum.

Quickly after presents we moved onto cupcakes and ice cream.  This is another area where Mom went above the call of duty.  She made 48 cupcakes for the party.  Luke seemed to really enjoy getting Happy Birthday sung to him. He had a big grin on his face and looked around at everyone in attendance.  He didn't know what to do when it came time for him to blow out the candle.

After desert most people with kids had to go.  And a short bit later most of the other guests took their leave.  I'd say that our party was a success.  Everyone had fun, there were lots of cool presents, and nothing was spilled on our carpet.  The neatest present we got but haven't yet opened is a moon themed night light.  You mount this thing on the wall and it will show all of the phases of the moon.  Given Luke's current infatuation with the moon I'd say this gift is spot on.

Thank you to everyone that joined us that day.  Also thank you for the wonderful gifts. Both Luke and Alyce have enjoyed them.