Back to His Old Self

Thursday, May 5, 2011
It pleases me much to say that Luke is back to being himself. For pretty much the last month he's been fighting a reoccurring ear infection. The side effects which included him being so annoying you didn't want to be around him and a fever.

A good example was Easter weekend. That was Luke's round three with an ear infection. He was already taking an antibiotic for an ear infection and we thought he was on the mend. We were wrong. Luke's fever began to rise and we thought he was just sick. His mood was so poor we decided to keep him away from some Easter festivities for fear of infecting others. When his mood was poor he would hardly eat or sleep and would always want your direct attention by being held or latching onto you.

Following Easter we took Luke back to the doctors for a 3rd course of antibiotics. This time they gave him a shot of antibiotics instead of wasting time on yet another liquid. Luckily this course seems to have done the trick and was cheaper!

Now that Luke is healthy (knock on wood) he is back to being the lovable little guy we know. He's giggling, laughing, running around the house, and best off all not wanting 100% of our time. Luke, we love you and all but we need to get stuff done.

One thing that has yet to return is his appetite. Even before his sickness he has been eating less and less. I'm guessing he is self policing his food intake basses on need. We won't force him to eat but we will make sure he eats something before he gets dessert. No free rides on the dessert train.