Sunday, May 1, 2011
Easter this year for Luke was not a good one.  A few days before Easter weekend Luke came down with a fever and had some trouble keeping his food down.  He had been fighting an ear infection for the past few weeks and was on antibiotics so we thought it was just a case of the flu.  We kept hoping that over the few days the fever would break, it didn't.  It turned out that he wasn't sick he just an ear infection.  The antibiotics weren't working and the infection was in full force and one side effect of an ear infection is nausea thus the vomiting.  But we didn't know that at the time and made the choice to keep Luke home on Easter.  My cousins were bringing their babies and toddlers and we didn't want to chance Luke infecting them.

Even though he couldn't make it to my family's side on Easter it didn't stop Mom's side from coming over to our house for breakfast.  Mom and I handled most of the cooking and the family watched the kids.  Luke, however, was being extremely needy and wanted to be held by either Mom or myself the whole time.  It isn't easy cooking with one arm holding a two year old.

Another bummer for this year was that it rained a good portion of the day.  Mom managed to sneak away to plant a few eggs in the front yard.  However, soon there after it started to drizzle so we had to make quick work of the egg hunt.

Even though Easter was kind of a bust on seeing everyone he did managed to snag a lot of candy that we still have lying around the house.  So to a kid it was pretty good.