Happy Mother's Day

Wednesday, May 18, 2011
For Mother's day the entire family including Onermark Grams and Grams and Papa went to the Museum of Transportation.  The Museum of Transportation is a cool little museum that show cases all types of transportation with a specific focus on trains.

Mom picked up a Groupon some time ago for a steal so we all got in for only a few dollars.  I would say that the museum is just the right size for two kids.  They have a trolley, tram, and train that you can ride on for free or small charge and lots of trains that kids can climb up into.  The museum isn't a slouch when it comes to history.  Onermark Grams and I routinely fell behind the rest of the group because were busy reading the history of each and every train.  We left only after a few hours but I could have stayed all day.

The forecast for that day was hot and it did not disappoint.  Even with lots of shade I managed a minor sunburn.  The kids fared better than I because they have full heads of hair.  The heat did take a toll on the kids and after a while they became red in the face and their energy and mood plummeted.

Following the museum we all met for lunch at Grams and Papa's house for some sandwiches.  GiGi was picked up GiGi on the way home and she joined us for lunch.