I Do It

Friday, May 27, 2011
This past week while putting Luke to bed I had quite the surprise.  I was getting Luke's toothbrush ready for a teeth brushing and as I am going in he grabs for the toothbrush and says "I do it".  I was taken aback for two reasons.  The first is that he told me what he wanted rather than being an idle participant.  Next he used a three word sentence and referred to himself as I.

Putting Luke to bed has never been hard.  Now that he is 2 he gets vitamins and a story so when it is time to go to bed he races up the stairs.  For teeth brushing he has always been willing to go along.  I guess something just clicked that he wanted to give it a try and do what the big kids are doing.  Right there at that moment Luke took a step. And even though it is small it is one of many that will get him to where he will go in life.

Three word sentence?  Saying "I"?  Where did this all come from?  I have no clue.  Luke barely uses two word sentences so a three is out of left field.  Him saying I is also pretty cool.  I'm guessing that is a milestone where a child can refer to himself as his own person.

Keep on taking those steps Luke.  Only you know where you will end up.