Monkey Joe's

Sunday, May 29, 2011
Recently we met up with our friend's Josh and Tammy and their kid's Gideon and Sylvia at Monkey Joe's.  We've been there in the past even with Luke in tow.  What makes this trip so awesome is that this is the first time that Luke went up the big slide!  Before this point he didn't have it in him to make the climb up.  Now that he is older and because there were so few kids at Monkey Joe's Luke was able to scale the Big Slide!

We started off simply enough with Alyce and Gideon running off to the big slides and Luke in the toddler area.  Luke did have fun in there but his only challenge was walking on a bouncy surface which he handled well.  After a bit we decided to give him a shot at the big slide. Alyce did this slide for the first time just a few months before turning 4 and didn't have any trouble.  We weren't sure Luke was up to the challenge but with nothing ventured nothing is gained.  At first when we put Luke on the path to the steps of the slide he wasn't very interested and got right back off. After watching Alyce and Gideon do it he knew what was up and wanted to try.  He took a few attempts to go up the steps each time trying a different means of ascension.  At first he tried to stay vertical like a normal stair case and holding onto the hand rail but couldn't keep his balance and slid back down.  He finally adopted a hands and knees approach that worked.

His climb to the top I'd describe as epic.  Well epic for a 2 year old.  For every few steps up he'd slip down one.  When he finally reached the top everyone cheered for him.  You'd think that this would be one of those life defining moments for him where he overcame something hard and could draw upon when he faces something hard.  But he's just 2 and probably wont even remember this in a few days.

Know this Luke, Mom and I are proud of you.