Monday, June 6, 2011
Today, after the heat of the day had passed we ventured outside for a bit of fun. We got out all of our bubble supplies and let the kids go wild. Luke was out of it for a while and just kind of hung out in his chair. Alyce on the other hand was going crazy chasing the bubbles. There was leaping, skipping, bounding, and running all of the moves one needs to smash those bubbles into oblivion.

We pulled out Luke's new toy, the bubble machine that automatically blows hundreds if not thousands of bubbles a minute.  The kids were interested in the machine but weren't fascinated with the bubbles. It was as if they were more interested in how the bubbles were being made than the bubbles themselves. Mom and I thought the machine was pretty cool and enjoyed the constant stream of bubbles. Alyce and Luke both liked the big bubbles that Mom and I were blowing for them with the wands Alyce won at Gideon's birthday party.

Later on I'm guessing Luke's dinner finally kicked in and he noticed the bubbles and squealed "bubbles, bubbles!" while running in place. Even though he was late to the party Luke still managed to have a good time with Alyce running from the driveway to the front porch and back again.