Disney World Day: 3

Tuesday, June 28, 2011
Our third day at Disney World took us to the Animal Kingdom. We needed to get there early as we had a reservation for breakfast with the characters at the Tusker House Grill.  To get to the restaurant by 9:30 we had to wake up at 7:30 and be out the door by 8:30. Even though the kids stayed up late the night before they got moving without much prodding.

Our reservation was for 9:25 and we got there in plenty of time. Enough in fact for me to grab a fast pass for the Kilimanjaro Safari ride. I'm not sure why we even had a reservation as it took them another 20-30 minutes for them to get us to our table. That would be ok except the waiting area was outside and the humidity was worse than normal that day. In the few minutes we waiting our kids were already wilting. There was whining, thrashing and generally unhappy behavior. They didn't get a great pre-breakfast as we were expecting to be eating relatively quickly so empty stomachs and a late night were the culprit. How do you get 30 minutes behind schedule when the park has only been open 25 minutes?

Breakfast when we finally sat down to it was very good. It was buffet style so we didn't have to wait for table service. While we were eating Mickey, Daisy, and Pluto stopped by our table for pictures and autographs.  The kids seemed to get a big kick out of this.  Even though the pictures were a little rough due to some bad lighting we managed a few decent shots for the kid's autograph books.  It's no surprise that Goofy was the most animated of the characters.  He was also the character that noticed that Luke was watching the competition on our iPhone; he was watching Nikelodeon's Dora the Explorer.  Oops.

The drink of choice here was what they called Jungle Juice and it was a combination of passion fruit and guava. Luke hasn't even had orange juice let alone something exotic but we gave it a shot and Luke loved the stuff!  Breakfast was pretty good. It was the first great breakfast we had on vacation. Up to this point we ate donuts, cereal, and milk we ordered online and had delivered to our room via the Garden Grocer.  Alyce ate enough to be considered full but I thought Luke didn't eat enough to fill him up. That was kind of an ongoing thing with him all week. He never really chowed down at any meal. Because of that we were feeding him smaller amounts throughout the day.  On that note I grabbed a banana on the way out for a snack later.

After breakfast we hit our two to-do items.  First off was the Kilimanjaro Safari ride. This was big on Alyce's to-do list.  For a while she had been asking to go on a safari.  She saw a blurb about it on one of the promotional DVDs Disney sent us before our trip. The animals were pretty cool and a few of them were quite close. That being said we didn't see anything we couldn't have seen at the local zoo. Riding in the safari bus is what made the ride cool.

After the safari Mom and I rode Expedition Everest the one and only roller coaster in the park.  It wasn't there when we vacationed here last on our honeymoon.  It was pretty cool but not the best coaster we rode on.  Because it was a coaster the kids couldn't ride so Mom and I had to take turns.  First I rode the ride while she was with the kids and next I was to watch the kids while she rode.  However, whenever I got off the ride I couldn't find Mom and the kids.  I looked were I left them, called her phone, left text messages and she couldn't be located.  I even went to our next scheduled stop to see if Mom had to take the kids for some reason.  After 30 minutes of searching we managed to touch base and she finally got to ride. Mom was in a gift shop where the coaster exited and there wasn't any cell signal in there.  We must have missed each other as I exited ride and we didn't have a meeting place specified. There was a lesson to be learned; you can't always trust technology. Nothing beats having a predetermined meeting place if we got lost or separated.

After our little debacle it was approaching noon and the humidity was sucking the life out of us.  We took an early leave of the park with the understanding we'd come back some other day.  We had some dinosaur bones to dig up.

Following a much needed nap we decided to stick around the resort for the rest of the night.  We hung out at the big pool at the resort and had a great time. The big resort pool has a kid area and a big pool. The kid area has water slides, water shooters, and a pirate theme and the adult pool has a small water slide and a few water fountains.  Luke was gung ho about the water slides and would have gone down those the entire time had I not pulled him away from them.  He was to do just about everything himself however there was a big curtain of water separating the steps from the slides that he wouldn't cross without holding my hand.  Alyce on the other had would have nothing to do with the slides.  Just like at our neighborhood pool she want's nothing to do with something that will get her face wet.

After the pool Mom took the kids back to the room while I grabbed a cheese pizza and some dessert.  While eating our pizza on our beds we watched the Disney movie Cars.  Alyce was particularly exited about eating pizza on the bed.  She set out a sheet on her bed, set plates down, sat her animals down, and had a picnic right there.

This was a great night for me.  We didn't have anywhere we needed to go, we were cool, and the kids weren't whining.  It felt like vacation.