Disney World Day: 6 Part 1

Tuesday, June 28, 2011
For our 6th and final day at Disney World we wanted to jam as much into the day as we could. We knew we could burn the kids out as we didn't have to keep them fresh for another day at the park. With Luke this would turn out to burn us pretty good but that is for another day. This day was all about Alyce. This was her big day!

Since even before we booked our trip to Disney World we knew of and wanted Alyce to do the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.  The boutique as I'll call it from now on is a special experience at Disney World. It is a place where little girls are made into princesses. For a price your little girl can get dressed up in one of many princess dresses, wear princess shoes, hair styled, makeup done, and fingernails painted. Getting dressed up was the first order of business. Our appointment was right at the park opening. So we got everyone up early, dressed and out the door earlier than we had at any point during the week. We were able to skip breakfast because following Alyce's transformation we had an appointment to have breakfast with the princesses.

The entire princessing of Alyce overwhelmed her a bit. She didn't cringe or hide from all that was being done. She sat there very focused and not moving a muscle. The stylists or Fairy Godmothers in Training attempted small talk and Alyce did answer their questions but she wasn't bouncing off of the walls. Alyce chose a Cinderella dress, shoes, crown, and scepter (big surprise). When it was all finished our little girl was a princess! There was one problem though. The night before Alyce got a bug bite on her forehead and in the morning her bangs were covering the red bump. Now that her bangs were whipped into an up do the bump was front and center. We didn't get to worked up about it since there wasn't much we could do. As part of the package we got a few pictures taken of Alyce in her outfit both by herself and with the senior Fairy Godmother.

We had a few minutes to spare before our breakfast appointment so Mom took the kids on It's a Small World and the carousel. I in the mean time got some Fast Passes for the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad for Mom and I rode on the Haunted Mansion ride. When that was all finished Mom checked us in early for breakfast and they let us in right then and there! We stood in line inside the Enchanted Castle to get our pictures taken with Cinderella.

Following pictures we went up the spiral staircase to have breakfast with princesses. Breakfast wasn't much to write home about as there wasn't much on the plate for the price you paid. However you weren't here for the food you were there for the entertainment. Throughout breakfast just about every Disney princess came out, greeted each table, gave autographs, and stood for pictures.

When breakfast was finished we pushed the kids around the park a bit and took yet another ride on It's a Small World. If you haven't figured it out yet that ride was the kid's favorite. I think they would have been content riding that ride over and over again all day. It is a good deal as far as rides are concerned. The line moves quickly, the ride takes forever, and the entire thing is air conditioned. The only downside is that you get that crazy song stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Mom got a chance to ride the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. While she was off doing that I was keeping the kids happy in the shade. Both kids were out of the stroller and that was when a great picture of Luke was taken. One neat feature that Disney is doing in their parks is a service called Photo Pass. The Photo Pass service consists of a lot of photographers hired by Disney to be staked out in some of the most photogenic places in the park. You hand them a card with a unique bar code on it and after the photographer take a few shots they scan the card and the pictures are linked to your account. They will also take pictures with your camera as well. We didn't do that too much and it did come back to bite us but that is for another post. While the kids were running around a Photo Pass Photographer came by and snapped a quick picture of Luke with his head between two handrails. It was a unique moment captured in time where Luke was showing his true colors. Of all the Photo Pass pictures taken that one was our favorite and probably the best picture we have of Luke.

The second to last thing we did at the park that day was to ride the Liberty Square Riverboat around Tom Sawyer's Island. There was no line and I thought the kids would get a kick being on a boat watching the world go by. It was really starting to get hot at this point and Luke was showing signs of wear. Alyce on the other hand was a rock. I'm guessing it had something to do with the princessing but never once did she complain that she was hot or that her feet were bothering her. The shoes she was wearing didn't look comfortable and being clear plastic (glass slipper) her feet didn't have anyway to breath. I could see the moisture on the inside of her shoe. Mom and I were impressed with her endurance.

When it was time to leave neither kid voiced a complaint. Before we left we took one detour to ride the Monorail.  We didn't go anywhere as we just rode the loop from the park to the parking lot and back again. Following the Monorail ride we headed for the buses and back to the resort for a nap before we finished our final night at Disney World.