Time For a Big Boy Bed

Friday, June 17, 2011
The time is quickly approaching for Luke to get a big boy bed.  Most mornings Luke is quite content to hang out in his crib for a bit while Mom gets ready for the day.  Last week that nicety ended.  Mom was dozing in our room when she heard a crash from the kid's side of the house.  Rushing into Luke's room she saw that Luke had climbed over and out of his crib.  He didn't hurt himself but it showed that the crib can no longer contain him.

We are lucky that his crib has a little door on the side and at night when Mom checks on him she can open it.  That way in the morning he can get out of bed in a safe way rather than re-enacting a scene from a Spiderman Comic.  We haven't done that yet because I have yet to secure Luke's dresser to the wall.  If  he were to climb up on the open dresser drawers he could pull the whole thing down on top of himself.