Father Son Time

Monday, July 11, 2011
Saturday Mom, Grandma, and Grams took Alyce to see the Little Mermaid. It was up to me to watch Luke while they were gone. It turned out to be great father son time.

Luke and I first got a bite to eat at the Bread Co. He ate a grilled cheese sandwich and yogurt while I had my own sandwich. After that we both split a chocolate chip cookie. I didn't bother with a high chair and it worked out great. He sat across from me eating his sandwich, barely getting up, and not making more than a whisper. It was a really stress free dinner.

Following dinner he and I took a trip to the park. When we got there we had the entire playground to ourselves. Luke rode every slide and I even managed to take a few trips down.

Following the park I took Luke back home and he and I played with trains for a little while. After a bit he looks at me with exhausted eyes, I asked him if he wanted to go to bed, and crawls over to me and puts his head in my lap; I guess that was a yes. I had him in bed and he was fast asleep by 7:40. I wasn't planning on putting him to bed until 8:30.

Tonight I hung out with Luke playing trains. After doing that for a while we watched a show on my phone about stream trains. We only got half way through the show before it was bed time but I enjoyed him sitting in my lap.

I'm enjoyed the time I've been spending with Luke lately. It's been some neat father son bonding time. Not that we weren't close to each other before last weekend but now that he is getting older I'm getting a lot more out of the time we spend together.