First Day of Preschool

Tuesday, August 14, 2012
Today was Luke's first day of preschool. It couldn't have come soon enough. Both he and his sister have been bouncing off the walls for days. Luke is in afternoon preschool. Luckily we chose the right session of school. We had the option to choose either morning or afternoon. We wanted his times to coincide with Alyce's so that Mom could get some time off. With Alyce and kindergarten you are are the mercy of the district for which session you are assigned. With Alyce getting afternoons too everything works out and Mom gets almost three hours to herself!

I stayed home from work today because I couldn't miss such a big event in my children's lives. Mom got the kids up and ready for school. They were fed lunch early because they'll be in school during their normal eating times. Before we left we had to get those traditional first day of school pictures! There is one hitch with the kids going to school. Due to close start times Alyce can't ride the bus to school except for Fridays. I don't think she minds much as she gets to say goodbye to Luke.

We dropped off Luke before Alyce. For the first day of school we were to drop him off in his class. On subsequent days the teacher or teacher's assistant will pull the kids out of the car letting Mom drop off in without having to park, how convenient. Luke's class is pretty neat looking. It is near the front of school which is nice as Alyce's class last year was in the basement. Everything was going just fine, I was thinking we were going to have an easy separation. I was wrong. As we were saying goodbye and walking out the door Luke grabbed hold of my leg for dear life and wouldn't let go. Couple that will cries for "Daddy" and it would make just about anyone cry. I eventually had to peel him off my leg and walk away. It was the right thing to do but it doesn't make it any easier.

After school was over Mom and I went and picked Luke up. If the trauma from earlier left any scars they weren't showing. Luke was happy as a clam. When we asked him if he had fun at school he said "yes"!

Luke made a new friend today too. Not at school though. While at the bus stop waiting for Alyce to get home Luke was playing with a neighbor girl called Sophie. She is the little sister of one of Alyce's new friends Ellie. Luke and Sophie laughed, played, and ran all around the yard. We keep telling Luke to walk or if he is to run to do it on the grass. But he won't listen. I have a feeling he's going to have to learn the hard way. With lots of skinned knees and chins in his future.